Frequently Asked Questions

How does Financepeer help students in paying their fees?

Financepeer converts student's fees in ZERO cost EMIs. We pay fees to the institute on the student's behalf and then the student can pay us back in 3 to 36 EMIs. Also everytime a student pay fees via us, they get 10% of the fees amount back in their account as cashback which can be redeemed to purchase online courses, exclusive coupons, vouchers, and other benefits. We also provide education insurance which covers the education of a student in case of an unwanted incident.

How can I pay fees via Financepeer?

The process to pay fees via Financepeer is very simple. You need a create a simple 3-step application. All the steps are fully digital without any manual intervention. The time taken to complete the applicatin is generally less than 10 min.

What are other benefits of paying fees with Financepeer?

Paying your institute fees with Financepeer peer comes with many benefits:
1. Zero cost EMIs*
2. 10% cashback
3. Education insurance
4. Online courses at great discounts
5. Exclusive coupons and vouchers, and many more

How much time does the application process takes?

Applying on Financepeer is very simple. You just need to complete an application on our platform. The process is fully digital and can be completed in under 10 minutes. Once the application is complete, it takes us 24-48 hours to deposit the money in your institutes account.

What details I need to provide to for creating the application?

Financepeer will require basic student details, institute details, course details, and basic KYC details (regulatory requirement). It generally takes less than 10 minutes to complete the process.

How does Fee Financing with Financepeer different from education loans?

Financepeer provides 4 main benefits over traditional education loans: Zero/Low interest rate, 100% digital process, Zero processing fees, and no pre-payment penalty. We also provide 10% cashback and loads of great offers and discounts.

Will my CIBIL score be used to determine interest charged, like in normal loans?

No. The interest rates applicable will not be based on your CIBIL score. It will only be used in certain cases to approve the loan.

Can I apply for more than one student?

Yes, anyone can apply for as many students as they want. There is no restriction on that.